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The Happy Flight Attendant
The Happy Flight Attendant
is a small children's book introducing the life of a flight attendant. Allie also exemplifies a healthy lifestyle through meal prepping and exercise. Airplane pose is highlighted at the end of this cute book, as well as a glossary. 

Surfer Sammi

teaches children 3~12 years old that there is always another wave to catch. Sammi exemplifies not taking things personal when another surfer drops in on her wave. Have fun practicing the baby cobra (yoga pose) that is shared at the end, in this 'Surfer magazine' style book.
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$20 paperback or $40 hardback (limited supply) Plus S&H

Just My Luck

is the foundational book of the Little Yogi series. Joy Ladybug experiences some challenges, teaching children 3~12 years old how to overcome situations with breathwork and intention. This is why Joy Ladybug is hidden within an illustration of every Little Yogi book created after. Meditation is encouraged at the end of this book.

Garth the Gassy Giraffe

has a big heart, yet can't seem to stop his farts. This is a fun read for anyone struggling(or not) with dietary issues. Yes, there is a yoga pose at the end of the book(to assist with flatulence of course).

A New Dawn

is an exploration of the sun coming up over every continent. It is an interactive and easy read for children 3~12 years old. Mountain pose is shown at the end of this book.

30 Thoughts From
A Christian Yogi

consist of writings from the author herself about her personal journey as a Christian Yogi. These are soul writings from the depths of her faith. The artwork is collected photography from talented creatives. 

Walk the Plank

addresses bullying and fear. Pete the pirate overcomes both. This is a great read for children that are learning how to swim, as well as gaining self confidence. Plank, yoga pose, is taught at the end of this book.

30 Days Of Truth, Waking the Unconscious Soul

is a simple read for those seeking enlightenment and bliss. Every page contains a paragraph or two full of knowledge and wisdom that will feed the soul. A guidance for re~wiring the mind into a higher vibrational field. 

Jane takes Layne on the Plane
Jane commutes by plane to visit with her father, she's nervous and scared. There's no need for her to fear because Layne the lion is near! This is a great tale of Jane's imagination to help her get through the rough moments of not being with her mother for a summer. Enjoy the yoga breath work challenge at the end of the book to aid those that struggle with anxiety.